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Through the International Association for Near Death Studies you are able to sign up to workshops, conventions, submit your experience and so much more!

The largest NDE website in the world, thousands of experiences to go through. Submit your own experience and find lots of resources and a thriving community.

An amazon list of NDE books worth reading to gain a better understanding or to help you gain insight into your own experience.

Experiences Through Regression

“I felt like my body was floating in a beautiful open space. I knew I was home."

Life Between Live's

“I saw a past life where I was going through the same patterns with some of the same people from this life. I understand now how to move away from these unhealthy patterns." 

Past Life Regression

“My mother came to me as a guide, she said it wasn't my time and I had to come back. There was so much I had signed up for in this life that I was still meant to fulfill." 

NDE Recovery